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Simone Legno, Co-founder of Tokidoki

“I have this world within me and I wanted to put it out,” says Simone Legno, the co-founder of Tokidoki. With Tokidoki’s products adorning our local shelves, learn about his creative side and how he is inspired to share his work with the world, with his creative ventures having commenced in 2005.

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A Parenting Journey with Lionel

Being a young parent while juggling a media production company is challenging. In addition to running Minto Studios, Lionel has a three-year-old daughter to take care of. With his wife’s commitment, he shares anecdotes about his daughter that illustrate his fulfilling journey as a parent.

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A Parenting Journey with Lily

As a working mother with young children, it’s certainly not easy. As role models for their children, Lily and her husband strive to demonstrate positive values. Watch how in her role as founder of Kew Organics, she also aims to encourage other mothers through volunteering for organisations like MumsforLife.

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Dr. Darren Chua, Founder of Mind Transformation Clinic

“Disability is only in the mind.” – Stroke survivor Dr. Darren Chua, who overcame many physical and mental obstacles to win Gold at the 8th ASEAN Para Games in 2015. Discover how his mindset served as a critical factor in his recovery and entrepreneurial endeavours as a Mindset Transformation Guru for business leaders and team builders.

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Chen Yue Er, Founder of Chun Cheng Fishery

Meet Yue Er, the founder and shareholder of Chun Cheng Fishery Singapore, as she shares her experiences and insights into her entrepreneurial journey touching on her beliefs, challenges and dreams.

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A Parent Journey with James

James Ong, a volunteer at Dad’s For Life and also a father of four, shares about his joys and challenges of being a parent. Together with his dedicated wife, watch how they overcome the complexities of balancing their careers and growing up with their children.

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Sherry Soon, Founder of Be Kind SG

Meet Sherry, the founder of the non-profit organisation Be Kind SG, who wishes to break the stigma behind people with special needs – especially ones unseen. Sherry has come a long way in bringing the group to where it is today. Together with a group of passionate volunteers, they run kindness projects and various programmes to help bring joy to the community, envisioning an opening-minded and inclusive society for them.

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Barry Witcharut, Founder of Thai Collectives

Meet Barry, the founder of Thai Collective, as he shares some experiences about his F&B business venture. Over the past ten years, he has faced many different challenges and struggles, but he is also aware of those standing behind him.

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Pawsitively Transforming Rescue Care with Gold-D

Say hello to Mr. Chan Chow Wah, the compassionate founder behind Gold-D and Animal Human Alliance (AHA), enterprises dedicated to revolutionizing pet care and advocating for animal welfare.

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The Red Wedding: Classic, Always and Forever

Meet Janet Ng, the visionary founder and owner of The Red Wedding, boutique established in 2007 that specialises in preserving and innovating Chinese wedding traditions.

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ZALORA Launches Immersive Retail Concept for Year-End Shopping Season

SINGAPORE, 1 November 2023 – ZALORA, Asia’s fashion expert and part of Global Fashion Group (GFG), today announced the launch of ‘The Terminal by ZALORA’ – its newest omnichannel retail experience – to kick off the year-end shopping season.

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Energizing the Future: A Tale of Innovation and Collaboration

In the heart of Singapore’s innovation hub, Wow! Taiwan Project proudly presented the “Singapore Smart Energy Challenges x Taiwan Solutions” event on 30 August 2023, a groundbreaking gathering highlighting the path toward a more sustainable energy future.

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